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Videos from OTT Question Time Live 2024

OTT Question Time Live 2024 was hosted at London’s majestic British Museum on 30 and 31 January 2024.

This year’s theme was Common Challenges, Innovative Solutions which spoke to the idea that broadcasters, streamers, and vendors – wherever they are in the world – face similar issues like viewer engagement, product development and monetisation. How are they addressing these questions? What strategies are they applying? What are their KPIs? And ultimately, what can we learn from each other?

More than 50 speakers – across 14 fireside chats, 7 panels and 2 presentations – joined in the conversation.

They included: A+E Networks, Amazon Freevee, Axinom, the BBC, BBC Studios, Bedrock, BritBox International, Candyspace, ContentWise, DR (Denmark), EDGE Video, Evergent, ITV, Google, Hasbro Entertainment, Meta, NOW, NRK (Norway), Samsung TV Plus, RTL AdAlliance, Sony Pictures India, SVT (Sweden), Thinkbox, Universal Pictures, Vimond, Warner Bros Discovery, Whip Media, Xumo, Xperi, YouTube and ZDF Studios.

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ICYMI, here are the videos from OTT Question Time Live 2023

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — How AI will Affect the OTT Industry

Maureen Kerr, Partner at Arthur D Little, talked to an all-star panel about how AI will affect the OTT industry across its various sub-sectors. Gulliver Smithers, former SVP Product & Technology at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Maria Ingold, founder & CEO of Mireality, Joe Ward, CEO of EDGE and Kristan Bullett, founder [...]

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — The Personalisation Journey at ITV

In this Q&A session, Deep Bagchee, Chief Product Officer at ITV, talked to Renato Bonomini, VP Sales Engineering at ContentWise about ITVX’s evolving journey in viewer engagement, product development, and monetisation. Key topics included the uses of personalisation in user engagement and retention, measuring the success of personalisation, vendor-provider [...]

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — The OTT Scene in Germany

With almost 40m households and more than 500 TV channels, Germany is one of the biggest and most diversified TV markets in the world. Add to this a booming OTT scene (40+ streaming services), a growing trend toward cord-cutting (nearly 8% of households now exclusively access TV via [...]

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — Netflix, Amazon Price Changes

Pay models - AVOD, SVOD, hybrids - had already been discussed a few times at OTT Question Time Live 2024 by the time we got to this session on Day 2 so we pivoted to exploring the introduction of ad tiers on Netflix and Amazon Prime and their [...]

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