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I’m Kauser Kanji and I work with broadcasters, content owners, streamers and vendors on their OTT products, technologies and commercial strategies.

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Ad Tiers & Password-Sharing Crackdowns Go Hand-in-Hand

What happens when a streamer starts cracking down on password sharing? Some back-of-the-envelope thinking: Password-sharers (i.e. those not paying a subscription themselves) ignore messages and continue using the service for as long [...]

Can we Stop Talking about FAST Now?

I was at the CTAM Europe Symposium in London yesterday where, together with excellent guests from Samsung TV Plus, Vevo and Virgin Media, I moderated a panel about FAST. Yes, another one. [...]

Disney’s Q2 2024 Numbers

In a wide-ranging presentation at this year’s OTT Question Time Live 2024, the excellent Ben Keen declared a winner in The Streaming Wars. Collectively, he said, Disney, Warner Bros Discovery, Paramount, Sony [...]

Amazon’s Ad Tier: Potential Growth & ROI

The comms from Amazon - at the turn of the year - about introducing its new ad tier were fascinating for two reasons: #1) Amazon said that it was making the change [...]

50 VOD Professionals 2024

** 2024 list now live! **

Nominated by you, adjudicated by a specialist panel, tell us about the most influential people working in the UK’s OTT industry over the past 12 months.

Featuring Amazon, Apple, the BBC, BritBox, Channel 4, DAZN, Everyone TV, Google, ITV, Metaphysic, Netflix, NOW, Pluto TV, Samsung, Sky, STUDIOCANAL, TiVo, Virgin Media, Warner Bros Discovery, YouTube and a range of independent streamers, vendors and service-providers.

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