OTT Question Time Live 2024 — The OTT Scene in Germany

With almost 40m households and more than 500 TV channels, Germany is one of the biggest and most diversified TV markets in the world. Add to this a booming OTT scene (40+ streaming services), a growing trend toward cord-cutting (nearly 8% of households now exclusively access TV via [...]

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — Netflix, Amazon Price Changes

Pay models - AVOD, SVOD, hybrids - had already been discussed a few times at OTT Question Time Live 2024 by the time we got to this session on Day 2 so we pivoted to exploring the introduction of ad tiers on Netflix and Amazon Prime and their [...]

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — Warner Bros Discovery’s Ad Sales Offering

Katie Coteman, GVP, Head of Ad Sales & Partnerships at Warner Bros. Discovery spoke to Lydia Fairfax, MD and Founder of Triple Crown Consulting, about WBD’s ad sales offering in the UK & Ireland. Focused on discovery+, the conversation explored the rise of SAVoD services, the importance of relevancy [...]

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — Do You Believe in FAST?

In this session, our moderator, Kasia Jablonska, Director of Digital & On-Demand at BBC Studios, played devil’s advocate with her panellists and asked whether FAST really can and does work as a monetisation strategy for broadcasters, content owners and streamers. Together with Stephen Byrne, CEO Nordics & VP Partnership Development [...]

ITV 2023 Results – A Tale of Two Revenue Streams

A recap from ITV’s full year results 2023 released yesterday. First, the good news. Digital performance – that is, OTT – is up across the board: - Total streaming hours viewed increased 26% YOY to 1.5bn hours - Monthly active users rose 19% to 12.5m - Overall digital [...]

Amazon’s Ad Tier: Potential Growth & ROI

The comms from Amazon - at the turn of the year - about introducing its new ad tier were fascinating for two reasons: #1) Amazon said that it was making the change because it would “allow us to continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing that investment [...]

OTT Question Time Live 2024 — Agenda Announced!

With 50+ speakers, 14 fireside chats, 7 panels and 2 presentations now confirmed, we have a full lid for OTT Question Time Live 2024!  Come join us on 30th and 31st January at London's iconic British Museum where we'll be talking to, amongst others: Faz Aftab, Director of M&E Partnerships [...]

IBC 2023 Review

#1. Where are we at, as an industry, in 2023? For me, last year’s IBC had the flavour of a giddy reunion with long-lost friends – “We’re back! How have you been? You look different in person than on a screen!” This year, the mood was more focused [...]

OTT Question Time #70 – Streaming Services’ Profitability

What makes a streaming service profitable? As with any business the basic equation is income minus costs but this masks a world of complexity. What exactly is OTT income made up of (e.g. advertising, subscriptions, sponsorships etc.)? What about costs (content, staff, technology, R&D)? And how sustainable [...]

OTT Question Time #69 – Emerging OTT Services & Models

Whilst Netflix, Disney, Amazon and D2C services from the broadcasters and film studios tend to get all the publicity, it’s easy to forget that the OTT market also has a huge number of smaller streamers. The UK, for example, has 288 of them according to the European [...]

Current Attitudes to AI in the OTT Industry

VOD Professional is conducting a survey about current attitudes to AI (artificial intelligence) in the broadcasting and OTT streaming industry and, as a valued colleague, we'd like to hear your opinions. We'll ask you 14 questions about AI and the impact it might have on both OTT itself [...]

OTT Question Time #68 – OTT User Engagement

OTT Question Time returned last Thursday, 25th June, and to kick off the new season, we discussed OTT user engagement and sticky UI / UX. Together with Jonathan Kelly, Experience Director at Candyspace, Gulliver Smithers, formerly of Sony Pictures, BBC Studios and ITV plus Chris Ambrozic, VP & [...]


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