Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has announced that it’s continuing to expand its TV Everywhere OTT video platform via the integration of additional server-side dynamic ad insertion (SSDAI) capabilities, partnering with Switzerland-based Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) in Europe.

Frédéric Torasso, Product Manager TV Everywhere OTT Video with Globecast, said, “The growth in viewer numbers for OTT video services can be seen around the world. However, the monetisation of those services has proven more complex, particularly for linear broadcast services viewed via OTT platforms and apps. SSDAI changes this by providing a seamless, targeted and highly automated solution that increases viewer engagement through a far superior user experience. In turn, this expands the effectiveness, measurability and return from the targeted ads being shown.

AIP has been active in the digital TV and ad insertion market since 2007, adding OTT technologies in 2011. In 2017 AIP launched DAIConnect, allowing TV stations and content providers to monetise their linear ad breaks when TV channels are viewed online. This year it also launched AIP Monetiz, which handles the commercial side.

AIP’s unique solutions allows operators, broadcasters and OTT providers to dynamically insert ads within any live or on-demand video streams, providing a seamless experience using ad stitching. New premium video advertising inventories can be created and monetised from day one. Adverts are fully validated from a channel brand perspective. AIP’s SSDAI solution is integrated into Globecast’s TV Everywhere OTT video service, enabling this monetisation feature for its existing and new OTT customers.

Globecast’s OTT TV Everywhere solution includes a fully secured and high-quality headend service, connectivity to multiple CDNs, including market-leaders Akamai and CenturyLink, plus player/apps as required. It also includes CDN off-load, an innovative feature enabling content providers to control their CDN costs while improving the quality of experience for viewers.

Laurent Potesta, Founder and CEO of AIP, said, “Partnering with Globecast and integrating our technology with theirs expands our reach and significantly increases the capabilities of their TV Everywhere solution. It will help broadcasters increase revenues while providing a high-quality end-user experience in a brand-safe environment for both broadcasters and advertisers.

Torasso added, “Advertisers are increasingly expecting to buy linear TV ad inventories programmatically, the same way they buy digital ads. With SSDAI, in partnership with AIP in Europe, Globecast clients are able to deploy automated dynamic ad insertion with limited CAPEX infrastructure investments, supplying targeted ads automatically to OTT viewers.”



About Globecast

Globecast helps customers to manage content and to deliver it wherever, however and whenever required. The company provides agile and seamless content acquisition, management and distribution services globally, constantly innovating and investing in new technologies to create customer-centric new services. Globecast has created the number one global hybrid fiber and satellite network for video contribution and distribution. It delivers any type of video service including TV Everywhere OTT, satellite, cable, video-on-demand and CDN delivery using cloud-enabled media solutions. It supplies Content Acquisition, Aggregation and Distribution (CAAD) services to over 250 networks. | | Twitter

About Ad Insertion Platform (AIP)

Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) has been active for the past 12 years on IPTV ad insertion services and offers a Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution since 2017.

AIP main clients are major broadcasters and AIP is currently expending actively it’s solutions and services in European and North American markets.


Kauser Kanji has been working in online video for 19 years, formerly at Virgin Media, ITN and NBC Universal, and founded VOD Professional in 2011. He has since completed major OTT projects for, amongst others, A+E Networks, the BBC, BBC Studios, Channel 4, DR (Denmark), Liberty Global, Netflix, Sony Pictures, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation and UKTV. He now writes industry analyses, hosts an online debate show, OTT Question Time, as well as its in-person sister event, OTT Question Time Live

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