Our media captioning, transcription and audio description services are helping major networks and producers to improve the viewer experience and their production workflows.






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Verbit’s solutions include:

  1. Live Captioning and Transcription: Verbit provides real-time captioning and transcription services which are particularly useful in live events and streaming contexts. This service enhances accessibility and engagement for audiences, especially beneficial in educational and corporate settings.

  2. Video and Audio Transcription: This solution targets the transcription of pre-recorded audio and video files, ensuring high accuracy and quick turnaround times. It’s ideal for media companies, podcasters, and educational institutions needing reliable text versions of their content.

  3. Closed Captioning: Verbit offers closed captioning services that comply with accessibility laws, helping broadcasters, content creators, and educational entities make their video content accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

  4. Audio Description: This service provides a verbal description of visual elements in videos, which is crucial for blind and visually impaired viewers. It enhances the understanding and enjoyment of media content.

  5. Translation Services: Verbit’s translation services enable the conversion of spoken or written content into various languages, facilitating global reach and communication across different linguistic groups.

  6. Legal Transcription: Tailored for the legal industry, this service includes the transcription of court proceedings, depositions, and other legal documents, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.

  7. Live Minute and Notetaking Services: This offering is designed to assist in capturing live detailed notes during meetings, conferences, and other events, which is essential for documentation and compliance purposes.

Each solution leverages Verbit’s advanced AI technology, improving service speed and accuracy while meeting specific industry needs.


Verbit has emerged as a leader in the $30B transcription industry where its helping to push access and inclusion efforts forward at 3,000+ businesses and institutions.

It specialises in AI-powered transcription and captioning services and leverages advanced automatic speech recognition technology and machine learning to offer real-time and recorded transcription and captioning solutions.

Verbit’s services are designed to enhance accessibility and communication in various sectors, including education, legal, media, and corporate industries.

The company aims to provide highly accurate and customisable solutions that cater to the specific needs of its clients, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards. 


Verbit has raised a total of $569 million over 8rounds, with its latest funding round being a secondary market for $250 million in November 2023.

The company’s 2021 revenue was $100 million, with its most recent revenue being from 2021.