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Moments Lab’s award-winning multimodal AI makes video search a breeze, empowering your team to craft compelling stories faster.






TF1, Asharq News, BFM TV, France Football Federation, Bayer Leverkusen



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The solutions offered by Moments Lab (formerly known as Newsbridge) include:

  • Just Index: This solution by Moments Lab is designed to automate the indexing of media content. It uses AI to analyze and describe video content, similar to human observation, enhancing the speed and efficiency of media management. This tool allows teams to focus more on creative tasks by swiftly handling the indexing of past, present, and future media.
  • Live Asset Manager: Moments Lab’s Live Asset Manager allows for real-time scheduling, capturing, and recording of multiple streams simultaneously. This solution ensures immediate access to media, facilitating quick collaboration and storytelling without the need to wait for broadcasts to conclude.
  • Media Hub: The Media Hub solution centralizes and indexes live and archived content on a cloud platform, accessible from anywhere. It supports media teams by decreasing average production times and fostering better collaboration through a streamlined, organized workspace.
  • Media Marketplace: This platform is tailored for showcasing media assets to potential external buyers. The Media Marketplace operates as a white-label solution, helping organizations generate new revenue streams by efficiently monetizing their media content.


Moments Lab is an innovative technology company that specialises in creating advanced media management and monetisation solutions.

They leverage artificial intelligence to streamline the handling, indexing, and distribution of media content and their solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of media teams by automating mundane tasks, thus allowing creatives to focus more on storytelling and production.

Moments Lab offers tools like Just Index for automated media indexing, Live Asset Manager for real-time media management, Media Hub for centralising content, and Media Marketplace for monetising media assets.

Their products are particularly valuable for broadcasters, content creators, and media organisations seeking to improve their operational workflows and explore new revenue streams. 


Moments Lab (formerly known as Newsbridge) includes a total funding of 12.5m over 3 rounds. The latest round was a Series A for $7m in Sept 2022. The company has five major investors, including Elaia Partners, Dominique Edelin, Supernova Invest, Bpifrance, and Media Lab TF1.