Create generative AI video that looks real. Automate photorealistic content creation with generative AI.





Customers has attracted a notable range of customers, primarily from the entertainment and media industries. High-profile personalities and actors such as Anne Hathaway, Tom Hanks, Paris Hilton, and Maria Sharapova are utilizing Metaphysic's platform to manage and control their digital likenesses and voices. This platform not only allows the creation of digital versions of these individuals but also ensures that they have consent over and receive compensation for the use of their digital assets​.



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SOLUTIONS offers a range of solutions centred around hyperreal synthetic media. Their services include:

  • Creating realistic digital humans and deepfake technology for use in media and entertainment, where they can generate lifelike depictions of actors or public figures for films, advertisements, or other creative projects
  • Real-time photorealistic faceswaps driven by live performances
  • The technology allows users to generate realistic speech and synchronises lip movements, enabling applications like dubbing, avatar animation, and video conferencing enhancements
  • Empowers creators to synthesise photorealistic faces and integrate them into the input production camera feed with minimal latency 
  • De-aging actors and bringing characters back to life

ABOUT THE COMPANY specializes in creating photorealistic generative AI content. They leverage advanced machine learning techniques to produce hyperreal videos and images, focusing on realistic facial swaps and enhancements in real time.

Their technology supports innovative projects in the entertainment industry by de-aging actors, duplicating famous personalities, and generating synthetic voices.

They also develop proprietary AI models to ensure data security and improve the fidelity of synthetic media, targeting applications in movies, advertising, and virtual environments.

FINANCES has raised a total of $7.5 million over two funding rounds, with the most recent round occurring in 2022 where they raised $7.5 million in a seed round. Their investors include notable groups such as Tech Nation Group, QPVentures, Rakuten Capital, Tectonic Ventures, and 8VC. Additionally, the company had an option/warrant round that secured $17.68 million.