Limecraft transforms the way content teams collaborate. The platform provides no code workflow design and automation, AI-supported Media Asset Management, and content delivery management, enabling producers and post-production facilities to automate heavy lifting and focus on creative storytelling






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Limecraft offers a comprehensive set of solutions tailored for professional video and film production. These solutions include:

  1. Media Asset Management and Workflow Automation: Limecraft provides a cloud-based Media Asset Management (MAM) solution that includes turn-key apps for managing dailies, ingest, logging, pre-cut, and more. This solution helps streamline the management of media assets throughout the production process.
  2. Limecraft Flow: Limecraft Flow is the visible part of the workspace, utilizing artificial intelligence and a configurable workflow engine to automate manual work and enhance collaboration. It allows for efficient content management and delivery within the production environment.
  3. Limecraft Edge – Backup, Ingest & Download: Limecraft Edge features backup and ingest functionalities, including verification, audio sync, multi-cam workflows, encoding of proxies, LUTs, and watermarks. This solution ensures secure and efficient handling of media content.
  4. Transcription & Translation: Limecraft offers transcription services to convert spoken audio into timed text, enabling accurate transcripts and subtitles generation. This solution facilitates accessibility and localization efforts.
  5. Subtitling & Localization: Limecraft enables the creation of subtitles using Limecraft Flow and provides translation services for localization purposes. This solution supports multilingual content delivery and audience engagement.
  6. Sharing and Reviewing: Limecraft allows secure sharing of video files for feedback and approval among team members and external stakeholders. This solution enhances collaboration and communication within the production workflow.
  7. Account & Subscription Management: Limecraft provides tools for managing account information and transcription credits efficiently, ensuring smooth operation and access control.
  8. Production Management & Configuration: Limecraft offers customization options for production settings, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific needs and workflows.

These solutions collectively empower producers, storytellers, broadcasters, and post-production facilities to streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and create compelling video content efficiently and effectively.


Limecraft is the smartest collaborative workspace on the market. It allows production teams of all sizes to embark on seamless, 100% digital collaboration – from the first rushes to managing thousands of masters.

Limecraft is a future-proof platform to manage and share content, to allow remote editing with zero risk, to integrate your trusted tools, and to create your own workflows. Limecraft bridges digital gaps and automates the grunt work, so you can concentrate on creative story editing. Out of the box, Limecraft is as smart and sophisticated as your production assistant. When bringing the learning loop to live, thereby capturing knowledge and experience of the real world, it becomes increasingly helpful like a senior member of your editorial team.


According to Tracxn, Limecraft has raised a total funding of $693K over 2 rounds from 4 investors as of 2024-01-09. The company’s revenue as of Sep 30, 2019, was $82.5K, and it had 956 employees. However, the net profit and financial statements of the company are not provided in the search results.
Limecraft’s estimated annual revenue is currently $3M per year, as per Growjo. The company has 21 employees and grew its employee count by -9% last year. Limecraft’s total funding is not provided in the search results.