Dubbing and voice over end-to-end localisation at scale in a single platform.






Deepdub has established partnerships and customer relationships with a number of players in the media and entertainment industry. They've worked with streaming services such as, which partnered with Deepdub to localize their foreign-language TV show catalog into English​​. Additionally, Deepdub has been involved in projects with various unnamed Hollywood studios, reflecting their presence in major film and TV markets​​.



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Deepdub’s solutions – specifically tailored for the M&E industry – focus on enhancing the efficiency and quality of dubbing and voice-over processes. Their services cater to a broad range of media content including films, TV shows, documentaries, animations, video games, and corporate videos.

One of the core features of Deepdub’s offerings is their proprietary emotion-based text-to-speech technology (eTTS™) which allows the creation of human-like voices that carry emotional depth. This technology supports a broad spectrum of languages and dialects, ensuring content is localised authentically for global audiences. Deepdub also integrates voice cloning technology, which eliminates the need to re-record, thus saving significant time and resources while ensuring consistency in voice quality.

Deepdub’s platform offers an end-to-end solution where production teams can collaborate within a virtual AI studio environment. This setup not only streamlines the production process but also allows for high-quality, streaming-ready outputs. The platform’s capabilities include automatic audio splitting, cultural and linguistic adaptation, and integration with professional tools to output dubbed files in various formats like CSV, AAFF, SRT, WebVTT, AM4, and WAV.

By leveraging AI and deep learning, Deepdub reduces the turnaround time for dubbing projects—by up to 70%—and cuts costs by approximately 50%. Their approach ensures that media content can be efficiently and effectively localised, maintaining the integrity and emotional resonance of the original production across different languages and cultural contexts.

They also provide speech-to-speech translation, voice cloning without needing re-recording, and fine-tuning for accents across over 130 languages. This allows for seamless localisation of content on a global scale.

Their solutions promise up to 70% faster turnaround times and significant cost savings, supporting end-to-end collaboration in virtual studios.


Deepdub integrates advanced generative AI into dubbing to maintain authenticity and scalability. They offer AI-driven and human-assisted solutions, alongside a virtual studio that lets creative teams collaborate online. Key technologies include unique emotion-based text-to-speech (eTTS™) and comprehensive localization capabilities. Deepdub is committed to ethical operations and has partnered with industry leaders to enhance their offerings. Notably, they’ve launched a pioneering royalty program to compensate voice actors for the use of their voices in AI-generated content.

The company’s advisory board includes Emiliano Calemzuk, former President of Fox Television Studios, and Kevin Reilly, former CCO HBO Max, and Chairman of Entertainment Fox.


Deepdub has raised a total of $26 million to date. This includes a $20 million Series A funding round which was led by Insight Partners, with additional contributions from Booster Ventures, Stardom Ventures, and new investors such as Swift VC. Prominent individuals such as Emiliano Calemzuk, Kevin Reilly, Danny Grander, Roi Tiger, Gideon Marks, and Daniel Chadash also joined as angel investors in this round​