We help teams modernise, write and understand their legacy code.







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  • The “Modernise” solution by focuses on AI-powered legacy code conversion, specifically transforming COBOL into readable Java. This service aims to ensure that the converted Java code behaves identically to the original COBOL while being readable and ready for further development. The process includes an initial survey, a proof-of-concept phase, and a full modernization. utilizes modern LLM-based approaches combined with compiler-based conversion for accuracy, and the resulting Java code uses open-source libraries and cloud primitives to enhance cost-efficiency.
  • The “Write” solution by is a research project aimed at developing an AI pair programmer for COBOL. This tool is designed to run entirely offline, ensuring privacy and security, as it operates directly from the user’s device without sharing code externally. It features autocomplete capabilities that understand COBOL-specific syntax and context. Currently, this tool is experimental, not recommended for production use, and is available for free under the MIT License.
  • The “Understand” solution by is designed to help developers navigate and comprehend legacy code. It breaks down complex code into readable natural language, supports code navigation across multiple repositories, and offers features like regex matching and code diffing. This tool is especially useful for dealing with challenging technical questions and tight deadlines.


ABOUT THE COMPANY focuses on helping teams modernize, write, and understand legacy code. Their services include converting COBOL to readable Java, ensuring safety and behaviour consistency, and leveraging AI for code conversion without licensing restrictions.

They also offer an AI pair programmer specifically for COBOL developers and tools for code understanding through natural language queries and navigation within codebases.