Digital product experts Candyspace today launch The Streaming 100 — a report detailing the top 100 streaming platforms across multiple verticals in the UK – in partnership with VOD Professional.

The paper evaluates over 200 digital products that each have a significant streaming element to their product from categories including video, audio, online newspapers, sports teams apps, gaming and arts and culture. 

Services were assessed against popularity, engagement and usability criteria, with the highest performing ones ranked in the top 100.

Top rated services in each sector were then studied in depth from both a user experience and technical perspective, with deep dive evaluations into streamers like Netflix, BBC Sounds and Formula 1.

Key findings from the report include:

  • While video, social media and audio streaming giants dominate the 2022 Streaming 100, newer forms of streaming from live gaming and sports to online newspapers and pay-per-watch theatre services are on the rise.
  • Three audio platforms feature in the Top 10 streaming services. With 18% of UK adults listening to a podcast at least once a week, it is anticipated that podcasts and music streaming services will continue to grow in 2023 and beyond.
  • The pandemic shifted how we consume news, with short and easy to consume video content king but media/news services fared poorly in engagement and usability scores suggesting there’s still significant room to improve the customer experience on these products.
  • The highest ranked streaming services focus on customer experience, discoverability, personalisation and smart recommendations.

Download the full Streaming 100 report

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