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We’ve been working in OTT for over 16 years and started VOD Professional in 2011 to chronicle the development of the industry and promote best practice. We run product, strategy and technology projects for broadcasters and service providers all over the world, write reports and whitepapers and help bring clients and vendors together. Tune in to our weekly debate show, OTT Question Time, and join our mailing list to get notifications about our events, publications and webinars. 

Coming up on 30th & 31st January

A recap from ITV’s full year results 2023 released yesterday. First, the good news. Digital performance – that is, OTT – is up across the board: - Total streaming hours viewed increased 26% YOY to 1.5bn hours - Monthly active users rose 19% to 12.5m - Overall digital revenue [...]

Nominated by you, adjudicated by a specialist panel, this is our list of the most influential people working in the UK’s OTT industry over the past 12 months.

Featuring Amazon, Apple, the BBC, BritBox, Channel 4, DAZN, Greening of Streaming, ITV, Netflix, NOW, Samsung, Sky, STUDIOCANAL, Warner Bros Discovery and a range of independents.

Amazon’s Ad Tier: Potential Growth & ROI

The comms from Amazon - at the turn of the year - about introducing its new ad tier were fascinating for two reasons: #1) Amazon said that it was making the change [...]

IBC 2023 Review

#1. Where are we at, as an industry, in 2023? For me, last year’s IBC had the flavour of a giddy reunion with long-lost friends – “We’re back! How have you been? [...]


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