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Kauser KanjiJune 15, 2020

During this OTT Question Time we talked about content aggregators and asked if, with so many movies and TV shows now available to view online, they’re the de facto future of finding and watching titles. 

We explored:

  • Aggregator business models (free, freemium, charging SVODs and broadcasters)
  • Building scale and whether aggregators need big audiences to attract more partners or the best partners to grow audiences (the old chicken vs. egg conundrum)
  • The technologies involved in presenting and playing content (e.g. deep-linking / SSO)
  • And the front-end features that viewers see when they’re using OTT aggregators (master discovery, recommendations, playlists, EPGs)

Joining us on the panel for OTTQT #9 were Nic Wilson, Head of Customer Success at TiVo, Rose Adkins Hulse, CEO of ScreenHits TV, and Renato Bonomini, VP Global PreSales at ContentWise.