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Together with Simon Murray of Digital TV Research, Maria Rua Aguete of Omdia and Jonathan Broughton of Media Business Insight we talked about SVOD take-up, the average number of SVODs per household, changing consumer behaviours and the elasticity of viewer’s TV / SVOD spending compared to the rest of their entertainment budgets.
Kauser KanjiMay 26, 20201 min

During this episode of OTT Question Time we talked about the future of SVOD. Specifically:

  • SVOD take-up and viewing, in different territories and across demographics, compared to linear, time-shifted, AVOD, TVOD and PVOD
  • How these trends have changed over the past 5 years and since this year’s coronavirus pandemic
  • The average number of SVODs in households across the UK, Europe and North America
  • Consumer behaviour including dipping in and out of specific SVODs and the uptake of niche SVOD services
  • And the elasticity of viewer’s TV / SVOD spending compared to the rest of their entertainment budgets which include cinema, editorial, “experiences”, gaming, music, restaurants and social media. 

Joining us on the panel for OTTQT #5 were Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV ResearchMaria Rua Aguete, Executive Director, Media & Entertainment at Omdia and Jonathan Broughton, Lead Analyst at Media Business Insight.  


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Kauser Kanji

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