Witbe, a leader in Quality of Experience Monitoring, has announced the launch of a new product dedicated to audience measurement monitoring for the North American market, thanks to its recent implementation of Nielsen watermark tag detection. With this new feature, Witbe customers that use Nielsen watermarking technology will be able to ensure their linear and non-linear content is properly watermarked for audience measurement on any device. This will ensure that premium content (like C3 assets) benefit from the audience boost provided by Nielsen’s advanced solutions.
Witbe Robots are a non-intrusive technology. They connect to real test devices and replicate end-user journeys to monitor the Quality of Experience of any digital service. Global broadcasters and content providers use Witbe Robots to make sure that the hundreds of VoD assets they push daily on dozens of platforms (on domain and off domain) are actually available, properly populated, and can be watched in good quality. With the Nielsen certification passed, Witbe Robots are now also capable of reading Nielsen’s watermark tags which are embedded in every audio stream. This enables every North American broadcaster and content provider to secure their revenues provided by C3 ratings boosts by pinpointing the elements of the processing and delivery chains that may have an impact on the audio watermarks.
Working with the talented team of engineers at Nielsen to integrate their SDK has been a real pleasure“, adds Mathieu Planche, Chief Executive Officer at Witbe. “Thanks to their help, we were able to have the Witbe Robots certified by Nielsen, which allowed us to deploy this new monitoring technology for one of our customers, one of the biggest US broadcasters. This customer is already benefitting from a dedicated reporting dashboard, powered by Witbe Datalab and focused on Nielsen tags monitoring, that they use every day in their Network Operations Center.“.

About Witbe
Leading innovation in the Quality of Experience (QoE) industry, Witbe offers an award-winning approach to monitor the Quality of Experience actually being delivered to the end-users of any interactive service, on any device, and over any type of network. Combining hardware and software, Witbe’s state-of-the-art technologies have already been adopted by over 300 clients in 45 countries. Telecom operators, broadcasters, application developers: all rely on Witbe to improve the experience they offer to their customers. Founded in 2000, Witbe has offices in Paris, New York, Denver, Montreal, London, and Singapore.

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