OTT Question TimePostsOTT Question Time #35 – How Young People View OTT

Kauser KanjiMay 14, 2021

Whatever date we choose – 2005 when YouTube went live, Christmas Day 2007 when the BBC iPlayer launched, or even 2004 and my own first experience of on-demand video via a classic Homechoice set-top box – it’s safe to say that VOD was born into a linear world. For older generations it was a novelty, and a treat, to suddenly be able to watch what we wanted when we wanted – it’s something we’re still getting used to. For young people, however, OTT viewing has almost always been a reality. It’s this fascinating juxtaposition that we explored at this week’s OTT Question Time (Thursday 20th May, 4pm UK).

Together with Daniel Diton, Head of Digital Research at A+E Networks UK, Nadine Suleiman, Marketing Manager at Whip MediaHannah Walsh, Senior Analyst at Ampere Analysis and Niklas Trenkler, CEO at Streamfire, we talked about:

  • The OTT services that young people most watch
  • The services they particularly value (which might not be the same!)
  • Their attitudes towards pay-TV, AVOD, SVOD and piracy
  • Where “TV” fits into their overall media consumption habits
  • And what young people think about Amazon, Apple, the BBC, Disney, Netflix, YouTube and Sky