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TVSquared, a leader in TV attribution, released the findings of its 2019 Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) TV Advertising Performance report. DTC brands are one of the fastest growing groups of TV advertisers, devoting $3.8 billion in media spend to it last year alone. TVSquared’s report uncovers the TV buy elements that are driving response, spanning creative lengths, KPIs, programming genres, dayparts and days of week.

TVSquared analyzed 15 months of performance data and $138 million in TV ad spend for 18 U.S.-based DTC brands across the retail, food delivery, subscription services and travel categories. Response, cost and audience data from the TVSquared ADvantage platform was evaluated by TV buy elements, including network, daypart and day of week, for campaigns that ran on broadcast, cable and satellite.

Key findings featured in the report include:

  • On average, DTC brands track four performance-based KPIs
  • 15-second spots are the most frequently used format
  • Performance for 30-second spots was 4x higher than any other length
  • Morning dayparts outperformed primetime by 120%

Alberto Corral, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development at UNTUCKit, a long-time TVSquared client, said:

TV is an invaluable marketing channel for us, and we treat it like digital in that we continuously measure and optimize it to maximize performance. We use real-time analytics to measure which creatives, channels, programs, genres, days and dayparts are working for us, and use those insights to make even more effective buys.

Mark Hudson, Head of Business Intelligence at TVSquared, who spearheaded the report, added:

As digital natives, DTC brands eat and breathe data for every aspect of business, and they recognize that TV can deliver both scale and performance. Understanding optimal days, dayparts, programs and creative strategies gives them the analytics they need to drive the best outcomes.

TVSquared’s DTC TV Advertising Performance report, which breaks down insights in aggregate and across verticals, is available for download today.

About TVSquared 
TVSquared is the worldwide leader in TV attribution. Thousands of brands, agencies and networks in more than 70 countries use its ADvantage platform to generate real-time performance insights to measure and optimize TV-driven response, maximize spend and improve local, national and global campaign effectiveness – whether it’s linear, OTT, VOD or more. Learn more at www.tvsquared.com.

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