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Cleeng, a leading subscriber management platform for OTT providers, and Oxagile, a video-based software solutions developer, are thrilled to announce a new partnership. The cooperation is centred around building comprehensive OTT solutions that allow online video providers to successfully grow and monetize their audiences.

Oxagile’s technical experts will be covering the development of OVP components that govern complex processes end-to-end, from content ingestion to global multiscreen delivery. Cleeng will have an important role as the provider of an advanced subscriber retention technology tailored to the needs of broadcasters and operators.

Sergey Marchuk, CTO of Oxagile commented: “Even before striking this partnership, we have been using various Cleeng technologies in our online video-related projects. Cleeng integrations  make it much easier for OVPs to track the entire subscriber journey in detail, including viewing habits and root causes of churn.

When the time came, our final choice of a technology partner was determined by Cleeng’s outstanding usability and seamless compatibility with any video platform. We are certain that closer cooperation will help us to deliver new efficiencies to our customers and have an edge over our competitors in the online video sector.

Donald Res, CTO and founder at Cleeng, added: “The focus of this partnership is on subscriber retention in the OTT space. In essence, Cleeng built a system of powerful churn reduction mechanisms that Oxagile will be able to leverage in their online video platforms. We trust Oxagile specialists to not only masterfully integrate Cleeng Core and Cleeng ChurnIQ™ out of the box but expand it’s functionality further and incorporate more Cleeng modules. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that we’re very excited about it.

About Oxagile

Oxagile is an international provider of custom software development services focusing on state-of-the-art cross-platform frontend applications, multi-screen video streaming, big data and BI, as well as innovative AI-powered computer vision solutions.

Oxagile’s expertise underpins high-performance applications that deliver live streaming, VoD, real-time communication, VR, and 360 video across web, mobile, smart TVs, STBs, and other platforms.

Oxagile’s robust R&D and a predictable delivery process were instrumental in helping clients such as Orange, Discovery, and Veon achieve their business objectives and outperform the competition.

About Cleeng

Cleeng is a Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) platform designed for OTT services. The company believes that improving subscription processes is not enough to keep subscribers and grow. Cleeng’s SRM stack is deeply connected with the full subscriber journey and improves broadcasters identity management, payment, security, churn intelligence and customer care capabilities.

Its products are used by market-leading brands like Foxtel, France Télévisions, Golden Boy Promotions, McFit, Sky and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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