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31% of over 4,000 viewers in the US and Canada do not currently or never have used any major monthly OTT/SVOD service
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TiVo has released a retooled version of its Video Trends Report, which is now a biannual presentation of findings from consumer opinion surveys of 4,000+ viewers in the U.S. and Canada.

The ‘Video Trends Report: January 2019 explores preferences in pay-TV, à la carte bundling, SVOD and free OTT video services, including:

  • How the average viewer interacts with various services
  • Changes in the pay-TV subscriber base
  • Viewer satisfaction with video content
  • Sentiments regarding personalised recommendations
  • Voice search usage
  • Consumer feedback on key genres and content types

Major Findings

Survey findings reveal the number of video services used by the average viewer has increased by 26% since 2017. Further:

  • 31% of respondents do not currently or never have used any major monthly OTT/SVOD service
  • 19% of respondents plan to cut the cord to a non-Pay-TV or live TV service
  • The average age of “cord-nevers” is 37.3; “cord-onlys” are significantly older (average age 52.8)
  • 35% of non-pay-TV viewers said they were “very satisfied” with free online video services

Download the full report here https://blog.tivo.com/2019/01/tivo-video-trends-report-january-2019/

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