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OTT Question Time #54 – SVOD Pricing Strategy

Thousands of SVOD services - niche, regional and multinational - have launched around the world over the past 15 years and for each of them, someone (or perhaps a group of people) has decided what the monthly subscription cost should be. How do they do that? Have they [...]

OTT Usage in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK & the USA

In October 2021, and together with Whip Media, we conducted what we think is the world's biggest-ever survey on binge-watching.  32,741 respondents across seven countries - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA - told us about their viewing habits: how often they binged, [...]

OTT Question Time #53 – France OTT Special

With a population size comparable to the UK, a flourishing TV and film production sector, and a growing list of native-language titles appearing on the international streamers, it’s a little surprising that we don’t hear more about France’s OTT landscape. Especially so since last December when France became [...]

OTT Question Time #52 – Talking about ITV’s OTT Strategy

As a broadcaster, and as an OTT service-provider, ITV is a fascinating company to study and analyse. Sure, it comes with a legacy tech stack but has often been willing to embrace vendor and platform solutions to quickly get to market. It operates using lean teams full of [...]

OTT Question Time #51 – The Netflix Effect on OTT

There was a long stretch of time, from around 2012 to 2017, when Netflix was the big buzz term in the OTT industry. Everywhere I went – panels, speeches, conferences – it felt like everyone was talking about it. Netflix the disruptor. Netflix the pioneer. Netflix, both the [...]

OTT Question Time #50 – Is the Great PVOD Experiment Over?

Over the past couple of years, and whilst the world has been in various shades of lockdown, film studios and distributors have ramped up the number of their titles available to watch via PVOD. Not without some reluctance. A PVOD-First strategy means potentially leaving a lot of money [...]

OTT Question Time #49 – Preparing to Go D2C

At this week’s OTT Question Time, Thursday 17 February, 4pm UK, we talked about the broadcasters, films studios and operators all over the world that have decided to launch their own stand-alone OTT services and go direct-to-consumer. These companies may already have dipped their toes in the water [...]

WEBINAR — The OTT Binge-Watching Phenomenon

If you’ve ever had a Star Wars night on VCR, a Friends fest on DVD, or gotten lost in a Lost box set on Blu-ray, you’ll know that TV and movie binge-watching isn’t a new phenomenon. What’s different now is the wide availability of titles to binge on, [...]

OTT Question Time #48 – Innovations in Green OTT Streaming

If you're analysing the environmental impact of OTT streaming you can choose to jump down any number of rabbit holes. The most obvious one is how much online video is actually being watched by any given person over the course of, say, a year? And what does that [...]

OTT Question Time #47 – The Other Streaming Wars

When we talk about The Streaming Wars who do we think of as the major players? Amazon, Disney and Netflix, undoubtedly, but also, given its huge customer base and deep pockets, Apple TV+? And surely Sky too as a trusted, multi-territory brand with bags of experience? But outside [...]

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