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Delivering Best-in-Class Smart TV Experiences

Designing OTT user interfaces and experiences for Smart TVs presents some unique challenges. Compared to smartphones and tablets, which can be deeply personal devices, television sets were – and increasingly are again – where families watch together. TV on a TV is watched from a distance rather than up close. [...]

OTT Question Time #43 – Kid’s OTT Market Strategy

At this week’s OTT Question Time (Thursday 30th Sept, 4pm UK) we talked about the supercharged growth of the children’s OTT market over the past few years. Absolutely, some of that expansion can be accounted for by more kids having been at home, for longer, during the pandemic [...]

OTT Question Time #42 – Online Video Players

It's sounds like the start of a riddle: what part of OTT UIs do you most use but hardly ever notice? Answer: online video players! Online video players have a gossamer quality about them in that they're both visible and not. They're the main way – the only [...]

OTT Question Time #41 – OTT Content Management Systems

A CMS – a content management system – does exactly what it says on the tin, right? It’s a system for managing content. But when it comes to streaming services, and looking at how content interfaces with both their back and front-ends, what is the scope of an [...]

OTT Question Time #40 – Whatever Happened to Social TV?

One of the best things about linear TV is the sense of a shared experience – of watching, for example, an international football tournament with family or friends and then celebrating (or in England’s case, commiserating!) together. Of tuning in to a worldwide event like the finale [...]

OTT Question Time #39 – The Transition from Broadcast to IP

Despite the resilience and stability of the infrastructure, the defined quality of the output, the guaranteed geographical coverage for audiences, and the decades of client and supply chain experience built up in the process, there was always going to come a time when it became cheaper to deliver [...]

OTT Question Time #38 – Content Rights 101

If you’ve ever found yourself confused about content rights, you’re not alone. I’ve been working in OTT since 2005 and I still don’t really understand why, for example, the Tom Holland Spiderman movies aren’t on Disney+ (Disney owns Marvel, right?), why I can’t find the 2019 season [...]

50 VOD Professionals 2021 — The Results

“Content is king” – the idea that OTT services need to consistently replenish their catalogues to attract (and retain) customers – is a phrase repeated so often that it’s almost become hackneyed. And yet, for broadcasters, film studios and service-providers, it’s never felt truer. Over the past sixteen [...]

OTT Question Time #37 – The TV & AVOD Advertising Recovery

Following the huge upheaval in the television and OTT advertising market last year, broadcasters and AVOD service-providers are now cautiously optimistic about the prospects for recovery and growth. ITV, for example, reported that its total ad revenue was down 11% in 2020 despite a 17% rise in [...]

OTT Question Time #36 — Industry Mega-Mergers

Consolidation isn’t new in the OTT industry – think AT&T and Time Warner (2018) or Comcast and Sky (also 2018) – but the last couple of weeks has seen a flurry of activity including the AT&T / Discovery deal, the acquisition of MGM by Amazon and the [...]

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