LipDub AI

Hollywood grade lip-syncing, made effortless. Unleash the power of AI to create high quality videos in hundreds of languages within minutes.






Disney, Netflix, Apple, Amazon Prime, HBO, Warner Bros, Showtime, Hulu, Paramount, CBS, NBC Universal​. The owner company, MARZ, had worked (to 2021) on 88 projects in its first three years since launch, including Marvel’s “WandaVision,” HBO’s “Watchmen,” Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” and Apple TV+’s “Invasion.”


$5.3m (to 2021)

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1 (to 2021)


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LipDub AI offers a range of solutions designed to enhance the dubbing process for video content, ensuring high-quality, seamless synchronisation of dubbed audio with video. Its solutions include:

  1. Advanced Lip-Sync Technology: LipDub AI uses deep neural networks to produce lip-syncing that matches the dubbed language with the video content. This allows for natural synchronisation even in complex scenes with extreme facial expressions or angles​​.

  2. Automated Workflow: The platform automates the dubbing process, from shot analysis, where it detects and labels who is on screen and when they speak, to modifying on-screen performances to match target audio tracks. This helps streamline the production process and ensures consistency across the content​.

  3. Multi-Language Dubbing: Users can upload a video once and dub it into multiple languages without limits on the video length or the number of languages​.

  4. High Volume and Quality Output: The AI is capable of handling high-volume workloads, delivering dubbed content in minutes without compromising the quality, which supports up to 4K resolution videos​.

  5. Customizable Audio Options: LipDub AI supports various audio inputs, allowing users to upload voice acting files, use AI-generated audio, or utilise text-to-speech and voice cloning technologies. This flexibility helps cater to different production needs and preferences​.

  6. Dynamic and Secure Platform: The platform supports dynamic content, managing different video formats and codecs, while ensuring security with robust encryption and secure cloud storage for all uploaded content​.




LipDub AI (from MARZ – Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies) is a company specialising in advanced AI-driven video dubbing solutions.

They focus on producing high-quality lip-sync videos, seamlessly integrating AI technology to create localised content in multiple languages.

Their platform enables users to upload original footage, add language tracks, and receive fully dubbed videos quickly. LipDub AI aims to enhance the emotional connection with audiences worldwide, transcending language barriers often associated with subtitles. They serve various industries including film, television, advertising, eLearning, and more.


MARZ raised $5.3 million in Series A funding in 2021. The investment was led by Round13 Captial with participation from Rhino Ventures and Harlo Equity Partners.