TiVo has announced that Sky Mexico, a leading provider of subscription television services in Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic, has signed a new metadata deal to use TiVo as the primary metadata provider for its next-generation platform.

The new agreement enables Sky Mexico to consolidate its metadata across its next-generation platform and benefit from using TiVo as its primary provider for this platform, rather than relying on multiple vendors. TiVo’s metadata platform offers scale, dynamism and exceptional metadata quality, which will enable Sky Mexico to deliver superior experiences to its customers. Powered by unique and innovative technology, TiVo’s metadata improves search and recommendations, which gives end users a superior entertainment experience.

Our deal with Sky Mexico underscores TiVo’s commitment to the Latin American region, and Mexico in particular,” said Karl Misling, Vice President of sales, Latin America, at TiVo. “TiVo’s powerful metadata solutions, which include extensive sports data and rich imagery, will assist Sky Mexico in its effort to reach new customers with highly personalised entertainment content. We are delighted that TiVo’s industry-leading metadata and technology platform is gaining significant traction in Latin America and is helping to enhance more TV services across the region.”

Sky Mexico required an enhanced metadata solution that would empower subscribers to quickly find and discover the entertainment content they want in real-time. The new agreement enables Sky Mexico to consolidate its metadata platform and benefit from using TiVo as its primary provider.

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