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Wrike offers a variety of solutions designed to enhance project management and collaboration across different team types and industries. Here are the key features and solutions provided by Wrike:

  1. Customizable Project Management: Wrike provides robust tools for managing projects, including task scheduling, Gantt charts for visualizing project timelines, and Kanban boards for workflow management. This flexibility supports both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, allowing teams to manage projects in a way that best suits their needs​ 

  2. Resource and Workload Management: Teams can effectively manage resources and track progress using Wrike’s resource management tools, which help prioritize tasks and optimize individual performance. This is supported by customizable dashboards and real-time analytics to monitor workload and productivity​ 

  3. Collaborative Workspaces: Wrike enhances team collaboration with built-in communication tools, allowing for real-time feedback and streamlined proofing and approvals. This includes the ability to compare different file versions side-by-side and automate the approval process to speed up project delivery​ 

  4. Security and Accessibility: Wrike offers enterprise-grade security with options for role-based access control, user authentication, and encryption. The platform is accessible via mobile devices, ensuring that team members can stay connected and productive from anywhere​ 

  5. Integration Capabilities: Wrike integrates with over 400 applications, including popular tools like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Slack. This allows users to stay within their preferred digital ecosystem without having to switch between different applications​

  6. Professional Services Automation: For teams in professional services, Wrike includes features for managing client engagements, from project and financial reporting to invoicing and quoting. This helps organizations streamline client interactions and internal workflows​ 

These solutions are tailored to meet the needs of various teams, including marketing, creative, IT, operations, and more, enabling them to manage their projects and tasks efficiently and effectively.


Wrike is a powerful work management platform.

Built for teams and organizations looking to collaborate, create, and exceed every day, Wrike brings everyone and all work into a single place to remove complexity, increase productivity, and free people up to focus on their most purposeful work.

Wrike is an enterprise-ready, cloud-based collaborative work management platform for managing cross-functional work at scale that is fully configurable and enables contextual collaboration in a secure environment. Enterprises use Wrike to offer a single digital workplace for all of their departments and teams.

The Wrike platform has the power needed to support the most complex workflows, all managed through an intuitive and easy-to-use and adopt interface. It can be customized to any user, team, department, or project so your teams can make requests, plan projects, assign tasks, collaborate with team members, track progress on work, and more.

Wrike tracks the analytics to help make data-driven decisions that generate higher ROI. It integrates with your technology stack and connects effort to business results without having to pull data from multiple systems.