Respell is your all-in-one automation platform. Respell combines workflows, an enhanced chat experience, and suggestions to enable automation for your organization. The entire AI experience in one place.








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  • Recruiting by automating tasks such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, and interview scheduling. It offers templates for common recruiting workflows, which can be customized to match specific needs. These automations help recruiters save time on repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus more on strategic aspects of hiring.
  • Operational efficiency by automating tasks like process mapping, performance reporting, and monitoring key performance indicators. It offers workflow templates that can be customized, such as summarizing call transcripts or analyzing customer feedback for sentiment and generating reports. This automation allows teams to focus on strategic growth initiatives by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.
  • Product development by offering AI-powered automation for tasks like idea generation, product testing, and market analysis. Users can access a range of templates that automate feature request prioritization, competitor analysis, and bug tracking. These automations integrate with tools like Notion, Jira, and Slack, helping teams save time and focus on innovation.
  • Marketing by providing AI-driven automation for various tasks like content creation, email marketing, and event management. It offers templates for workflows such as drafting and sending marketing emails, and creating social media posts based on recent news or upcoming events. This enables teams to automate routine marketing tasks, focusing more on strategic and creative efforts. 
  • Sales efficiency by automating tasks like drafting proposals, sending emails, reporting, and A/B testing for personalized sales experiences. It offers a variety of workflow templates that can be customized for tasks such as new contact outreach and sales call summarizing. Additionally, it integrates with tools like Notion, Hubspot, and Salesforce to enhance existing workflows, saving time and allowing sales teams to focus on strategic and creative initiatives.

ABOUT THE COMPANY is a platform designed to automate tasks using AI without requiring coding skills. It allows users to create custom “spells” or workflows integrating AI models, triggers, and applications. These spells can manage data, generate content, and make decisions.

The platform supports various roles and functions, including sales, marketing, product development, operations, and recruiting, enhancing productivity by automating routine tasks. Additionally, it integrates with popular tools like Notion, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zapier.