Turn time-sensitive content to viral shorts in 1 click to get more exposure across social media platforms.






3m+ individual customers including iHeartMedia, Univision, Le Figaro


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Opus offers solutions designed to simplify and enhance video editing with AI.

Their main product, Opus Clip, automates the process of creating engaging video clips from longer content, focusing on reducing manual editing tasks. Additionally, Opus provides tools that assist in optimising video formats for different platforms and enhancing audio quality.

The company’s other products include:

Opus Pro utilizes cutting-edge AI-driven tools and features to enhance content creation and video editing. Some of the AI-related solutions and platforms used by Opus Pro include:

  1. ClipGenius™: This feature analyzes videos to identify compelling parts, extracts them, and rearranges them into cohesive, viral short videos
  2. AI Virality Score™: Predicts the virality potential of each clip based on an analysis of thousands of viral videos
  3. AI Co-Pilot: Enables users to have more control over the clipping process by selecting specific parts of the video based on keywords
  4. Active Speaker Detection: Ensures the speaker’s face remains centered in the video frame, enhancing viewer engagement
  5. AI Dynamic Layout: Automatically adjusts the screen layout for a more dynamic and visually appealing presentation
  6. AI B-roll (beta): Adds contextually relevant B-roll to enhance storytelling and visual appeal
  7. AI Emoji & Keyword: Uses AI to add relevant emojis and highlight keywords, increasing views by over 42%


Opus is a company founded in 2022 with the mission of democratizing video content creation through artificial intelligence. The company’s flagship product, Opus Clip, is designed to ease the video editing process, enabling creators to focus on storytelling rather than technical tasks. The founders, previously involved with successful platforms and startups, leveraged their experience to build a tool that repurposes long videos into short, engaging clips with minimal user effort. Opus emphasizes the enhancement of creativity and authenticity in video production by integrating AI technology.