Murf AI

Murf helps you create voice overs for videos and presentations in minutes, using artificial intelligence technology.






Used by 300+ Fortune 2000 companies including Philips, Toyota, Oracle, Nasdaq, Honeywell, Air France



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SOLUTIONS offers a variety of solutions designed to enhance voiceover production across different applications, such as e-learning, advertising, and professional presentations. Here’s a breakdown of their primary offerings:

  1. Text to Speech API: Murf’s API allows large-scale content creation and integration with other systems, offering a flexible, secure, and easy way to add voice to apps and websites. It supports custom voice cloning, providing unique voice experiences tailored to specific needs​

  2. Voiceover for Product Demos and Videos: This service focuses on creating impactful voiceovers that complement the visual content of product demos and marketing videos. Users can select from a wide range of AI-generated voices, customize voice parameters like pitch and speed, and synchronize the audio with their videos​

  3. Enterprise Solutions: Murf provides collaborative features for teams within enterprises, including shared workspaces and project sharing capabilities. This allows teams to produce high-quality voiceovers efficiently while ensuring data security and compliance with standards like GDPR and HIPAA​

  4. Educational and Diverse Applications: The platform caters to educational tools and is mindful of diversity in voice AI, aiming to represent broader demographics in its voice offerings​ 

Each of these solutions is designed to make the voiceover process more efficient and cost-effective, reducing the need for extensive resources typically associated with traditional voice recording and editing​. For more details on how to leverage these solutions for your specific needs, you can explore more on Murf’s 

ABOUT THE COMPANY is a versatile text-to-speech software that provides realistic voiceovers in multiple languages. It offers features such as voice cloning and AI dubbing to enhance business communications across global markets.

Murf’s platform includes over 120 voices in more than 20 languages, making it suitable for various applications such as e-learning, advertisements, presentations, and more.

Additionally, the company offers API solutions for integrating voice technology into applications and supports collaborative workspaces for teams.