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Provides a video platform with AI-driven advertising solutions, including ad targeting, personalized recommendations, and real-time ad optimization. The platform also offers live-to-VOD, content management, monetization solutions, and a media player with AI-driven analytics and video delivery for video streaming platforms.






Fox, Univision, VICE, ViacomCBS, Eurosport, BBC, Hearst, Electronic Arts



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JW Player offers a comprehensive video platform that includes AI-driven advertising solutions designed to enhance viewer engagement and ad performance. Their platform provides advanced ad targeting, personalized recommendations based on viewer behavior and preferences, and real-time ad optimization to maximize revenue and viewer satisfaction. Additionally, JW Player's platform offers AI-driven live-to-VOD, content management, and monetization solutions, as well as robust analytics and reporting tools. These features enable content creators and advertisers to track performance, make informed decisions, and ensure efficient and effective video delivery. The platform also includes tools for video hosting and live streaming, ensuring a comprehensive solution for video streaming needs.


JW Player is a New York-based video technology company founded in 2008. The company provides a comprehensive video platform that includes solutions for video hosting, streaming, and monetization. Leveraging AI, JW Player delivers advanced advertising solutions such as ad targeting, personalized recommendations, and real-time ad optimization. Their platform also offers AI-driven live-to-VOD, content management, and video delivery solutions, along with robust analytics and reporting tools that provide deep insights into viewer behavior and content performance. These features help media companies, enterprises, and educational institutions optimize their video strategies and monetize content effectively. Notable customers include Fox, Univision, ViacomCBS, Eurosport, VICE, BBC, Hearst, and Electronic Arts. With a strong focus on innovation and customer success, JW Player continues to lead the video technology market.


JW Player has raised a total of $118.4 million over six funding rounds. Major investors include Greycroft, Greenspring Associates, and e.ventures. The company generates revenue through subscription fees for its video platform and advertising solutions. JW Player's financial strategy focuses on expanding its market presence, particularly in the enterprise sector, and continuously enhancing its product offerings through innovation and strategic acquisitions. The company's robust growth is supported by its ability to attract high-profile customers and deliver significant value through its advanced video and advertising technologies. JW Player's financial health is reflected in its expanding customer base and sustained revenue growth.