Hive AI

AI to understand, search and generate content






Netflix, Vevo, ComScore, Reddit, Zynga, Quora, Walmart



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The Hive AI provides solutions for publishers to enhance monetization and efficiency through AI technology:

  1. Creative Review Automation: Automates the review of ad creatives, enhancing scalability and efficiency.
  2. Context-based Ad Targeting: Enables premium ad inventory based on contextual relevance and brand suitability.
  3. Sponsorship Measurement: Uses AI to optimize sponsorship asset values with detailed reporting and intelligence.
  4. Ad Intelligence: Assesses market trends and competitive positioning with real-time cross-platform advertising analysis.

A specialist solution, Mensio, uses AI to power faster and more granular cross-platform advertising, branded content, and sponsorship intelligence. It’s modules include:

  • Sponsorship & Branded Content Measurement
  • National TV As-Run Log
  • National TV Measurement
  • National TV eCPM
  • Creative Tagging and Viewing
  • And Cross-Platform Ad Intelligence



Hive is a leading provider of cloud-based AI solutions to understand, search, and generate content, and is trusted by hundreds of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations.

The company empowers developers with a portfolio of best-in-class, pre-trained AI models, serving billions of customer API requests every month.

Hive also offers turnkey software powered by proprietary AI models and datasets, unlocking breakthrough applications for critical business needs with deep learning and generative AI.

Collectively, Hive’s technology is transforming approaches to platform integrity / content moderation (including AI-generated content detection), brand protection, sponsorship measurement, context-based ad targeting, and more.


Hive has raised over $120M from leading investors, including General Catalyst, 8VC, Tomales Bay Capital, and Glynn Capital. In April 2021, Hive announced a $50M Series D at a $2B valuation.

The San Francisco-based company has 200+ full-time employees globally, in addition to a distributed workforce of more than 5 million global contributors that supports data labeling operations.