Hazy is a synthetic data platform that re-engineers your data to make it faster, easier and safer to use.






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Hazy’s solution for transforming digital infrastructure focuses on enabling organizations to deploy new technology more rapidly. By using synthetic data, companies can quickly test and validate new systems and technologies. This speeds up the innovation process by overcoming the legal and procurement delays typically associated with sharing real data. Hazy’s approach allows enterprises to share synthetic datasets freely and safely, thereby accelerating the validation of new products and vendors, and ultimately driving faster delivery of customer value.

Hazy helps accelerate the adoption of AI by providing synthetic data that is highly realistic, enabling organizations to build, train, and refine their AI models. This data is crucial for enterprises that face a shortage of high-quality, real data, which is often necessary for AI development. By using synthetic data, companies can ensure data privacy and scale their AI applications effectively. This approach is particularly useful for applications like predicting customer behaviour or detecting fraud.

Hazy’s solution for empowering business intelligence focuses on using synthetic data to enhance analytics, enabling faster and safer decision-making processes within organizations. By facilitating the generation of accurate intelligence on products, customers, and operations, Hazy helps improve the quality of insights. This leads to better strategic decisions across various business sectors, enhancing overall business performance.

Hazy’s solution for unlocking faster innovation focuses on enhancing collaboration and speeding up the product validation process. By using synthetic data, organizations can freely and safely share datasets internally and with external partners, overcoming the typical legal and procurement challenges associated with real data. This facilitates quicker validation of new products and vendors, accelerating innovation and enhancing customer value delivery.

Hazy enables organizations to commercialise their enterprise data by using synthetic data to safely productize it. This allows businesses to generate new revenue streams by transforming existing assets into more valuable offerings without the risks associated with sharing real data. This approach is both low investment and zero risk, making it easier for companies to leverage their data assets for commercial gain.


Hazy is a synthetic data platform that uses generative AI techniques to produce highly representative synthetic data on demand. Hazy synthetic data can be used as a drop-in replacement for production data to accelerate product development while complying with privacy regulation and security standards.

Hazy software is deployed next to your source data – whether in a private cloud or on-premises – so your data is always kept secure, in the hands of those that need it. Once deployed, synthetic data is quick and easy to generate using Hazy’s no-code interface, and data can be integrated seamlessly into existing workflows.Hazy is a synthetic data platform that re-engineers your data to make it faster, easier and safer to use.