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Customers serves a diverse range of customers, including large organizations and marketers across various industries. Prominent clients of include eBay, Nestlé, and Ogilvy. These customers utilise's tools for various marketing and content creation needs, leveraging the platform's AI capabilities to enhance their digital marketing efforts and content production​



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SOLUTIONS provides a range of AI-driven solutions designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in marketing and sales operations. Key offerings include:

  1. Content Generation: AI tools convert content briefs into blog posts, generate ad copy from URLs, and transform documents into press releases.
  2. Sales Enablement: Tools that personalize webinar promotions, create LinkedIn posts from briefs, and build FAQs from documents.
  3. Competitor and Market Analysis: AI automates competitor analysis and company insight generation.
  4. Content and Contact Management: Capabilities include summarizing LinkedIn profiles, repurposing content across channels, and updating contact management systems like Salesforce.

These solutions aim to automate routine tasks, enabling teams to focus on strategic goals.

ABOUT THE COMPANY is a solution for enterprise marketing teams looking to improve their go-to-market strategy and streamline their content creation process.

With, teams can quickly generate targeted sales copy that speaks directly to the pain points and needs of specific customer segments, helping them to more effectively engage with potential customers and close more deals.

Additionally, their platform can be used to generate content that helps to establish thought leadership and build trust with potential customers, which can also help to improve the effectiveness of the team’s GTM approach.