Colossyan is an AI-powered video generation platform that allows users to create personalised, professional-quality videos quickly and easily.






Novartis, Continental, Paramount, WSP, Maersk, Porsche, Vodafone, Greene King



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Colossyan offers various solutions aimed at enhancing video content creation through AI:

  1. Corporate Communications: Colossyan provides tools for creating professional-quality videos using AI avatars. This solution is ideal for businesses looking to deliver consistent and clear messages across various departments or to external stakeholders. The AI avatars can be customized to fit brand identities, making communications more personal and engaging.
  2. Learning and Development: Their platform also serves the educational sector by enabling the creation of interactive training and instructional videos. With features like multi-language support and lifelike avatars, it allows for scalable learning solutions that can be tailored to diverse audiences, enhancing the learning experience with relatable and accessible content.
  3. Marketing and Sales: For marketing teams, Colossyan offers the ability to produce dynamic promotional videos quickly. This can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional video production, while still maintaining high engagement rates through visually appealing and persuasive AI-generated content.

Each solution leverages AI to reduce production times, cut costs, and provide scalable video content options across various business needs.


Colossyan is an innovative technology company that specialises in creating AI-generated videos for a variety of professional applications.

Their platform, Colossyan Creator, allows users to convert text into engaging video content using AI avatars and voice synthesis. The technology supports numerous languages and offers features such as auto-translation and custom avatar creation, catering to diverse business needs such as employee training, customer education, and corporate communications.

Colossyan aims to streamline video production, making it more accessible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Their solutions are designed to enhance learning experiences and improve internal communications by replacing traditional content delivery methods with interactive, AI-driven video content.


Colossyan has made significant strides in its financial growth and development, highlighted by a recent $22 million Series A funding round. This funding was led by Lakestar, with additional participation from Launchub, Day One Capital, and Emerge Education. The capital raised is intended to support the company’s expansion plans, which include hiring across key roles and enhancing product features to boost engagement and learning outcomes.

The company has demonstrated robust financial health with a 600% revenue growth in the previous year, although specific revenue figures were not disclosed. This growth is attributed to securing deals with large enterprises and the company’s effective use of AI in video production for workplace learning​.