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Clarifai offers a suite of AI solutions tailored to the media and entertainment industry, spanning content management, audience engagement, and advertising optimisation:

  1. Content Moderation and Compliance: Clarifai’s AI technology ensures compliance with regulatory standards and community guidelines by automatically moderating and flagging inappropriate or harmful content within media files.

  2. Content Discovery and Recommendation: Leveraging advanced image and video analysis, Clarifai enhances content discovery and recommendation systems, providing more accurate and personalised recommendations based on user preferences and behaviour.

  3. Metadata Enrichment: Clarifai’s AI generates descriptive metadata for media assets, improving searchability and organisation by identifying objects, scenes, people, and emotions within images and videos.

  4. Creative Automation: Clarifai streamlines creative workflows through AI-powered automation, reducing manual effort in tasks such as tagging, captioning, and keyword generation, thereby accelerating content production and distribution.

  5. Audience Insights and Analytics: Clarifai’s AI analytics tools provide valuable insights into audience behaviour and content performance, enabling data-driven decisions to optimise content strategies and maximise audience reach.

  6. Generative AI for Content Creation: Clarifai harnesses generative AI techniques to assist in content creation, allowing media companies to produce engaging and original content efficiently.

  7. Advertising Optimisation: Clarifai’s AI optimizes advertising campaigns by analysing audience data, identifying relevant content for targeted ads, and improving ad placement strategies to maximize engagement and ROI.


Clarifai is an AI company that specialises in visual recognition and image analysis. Founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, a pioneer in deep learning, Clarifai has become a prominent player in the field of artificial intelligence. Their platform offers powerful image and video recognition capabilities, enabling developers to integrate advanced visual recognition into their applications easily.

Using cutting-edge deep learning algorithms, Clarifai’s technology can analyse images and videos to understand their contents, identify objects, and even detect concepts and emotions. This has applications across various industries, including e-commerce, social media, security, and healthcare.

Clarifai provides developers with APIs and SDKs, making it accessible for integration into a wide range of software applications.


Clarifai has been through four funding rounds since 2015, raising $10m in Series A, $30m in Series B (2016) and $60m in Series C (2021). Lead investors include Nvidia, Union Square Ventures, Menlo Ventures and New Enterprise Associates.