Cinelytic supports studios and independent content companies to make faster and better informed greenlight, acquisition, and release decisions.






Lionsgate, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Wayfarer Studios, Sierra Affinity, T&B Media Global



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Project Management: Cinelytic’s platform streamlines project management in the film industry, integrating comprehensive data and analytics. It facilitates the oversight of film projects from inception through distribution, enhancing efficiency and decision-making processes.

Talent Analytics: Through its TalentScores™ product, Cinelytic offers detailed analytics on actors and other talent, assessing their financial and audience impact potential. This tool assists producers and casting directors in making informed casting decisions based on predictive analytics.

Film Analytics: Cinelytic provides in-depth analytics for film projects, examining various metrics that influence a film’s market performance. This includes audience demographics, historical data comparisons, and performance forecasting, helping stakeholders optimize financial and creative decisions.

Predictive Box Office Forecasting: The platform features real-time predictive forecasting capabilities, allowing users to estimate box office returns across different territories and media formats. This helps in planning marketing and distribution strategies effectively.

Financial Modelling: Cinelytic incorporates sophisticated financial modelling tools that offer detailed forecasts and budgetary insights. This helps producers and financiers develop robust financial plans and assess the viability of projects before committing resources.


Cinelytic offers a comprehensive platform for the film industry that integrates data analytics and predictive intelligence with project management tools.

Key features include seamless project management, talent analytics through TalentScores™, in-depth film analytics, real-time predictive forecasting for box office performance across various media and territories, and sophisticated financial modelling. These tools help film companies make informed decisions about casting, budgeting, financing, and releasing films.


Cinelytic’s financial activities primarily involve a significant funding round. The company has raised a total of approximately $2.3 million in one funding round. This round, categorised as a Venture – Series Unknown, took place on September 5, 2018, and was backed by T&B Media Global. Post this funding round, Cinelytic’s valuation was estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $10 million.