To misquote Shakespeare, all the world’s a stream especially when it comes to our evolving media consumption habits. 

OTT video, music, gaming, social, sports, editorial as well as arts and culture streaming services, all vie for our attention. But which ones are the most popular, have the best user experience, and actually engage with – and hold on to – their audiences? That’s the topic of a new report, The Streaming 100, written and produced by digital product experts Candyspace, and a related webinar which we hosted earlier this month (December 2022).

Together with Candyspace’s CEO, Tom Thorne, Managing Director, Matt Simpson and founding partner, Martin Brierley we discussed:

  • What makes for a top streaming service – across any vertical
  • The most popular OTT video services on the market and why they’re so well-liked
  • How video services compare against streamers in other areas
  • AVOD, SVOD and The Attention Economy
  • And how to objectively measure and rank streaming services

Watch the video of The Streaming 100 webinar, hosted by Candyspace and VOD Professional, below!


About the author : Kauser Kanji

I've been working in online video since 2005 and have held senior roles at NBC Universal, ITN and Virgin Media. I've also completed VOD projects for the BBC, Netflix, Sony Pictures and a host of broadcasters and service-providers all over the world. Catch me on our weekly debate show, OTT Question Time, or drop me a line on LinkedIn.

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