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Kauser KanjiOctober 4, 2021

Designing OTT user interfaces and experiences for Smart TVs presents some unique challenges. Compared to smartphones and tablets, which can be deeply personal devices, television sets were – and increasingly are again – where families watch together. TV on a TV is watched from a distance rather than up close. Navigation and search are controlled via handheld remotes or voice. And there’s a whole lot more screen real estate to play with and fill. How do you address all of these elements to create best-in-class Smart TV experiences? That’s the topic of a special webinar which we hosted with Synamedia and 3SS, on Thursday 7th October, 3pm UK / 4pm CET. 

Together with Itzhak Elyakim, CTO at Yes Israel,  Avi Ben Simon, Head of Delivery at Synamedia and Stefan Blickensdörfer, CTO of 3SS, we also explored:

  • How TVs have regained their position as the prime mode for watching linear and on-demand
  • Designing and developing experiences for multiple TV and STB operating systems and standards
  • Feature scope: VOD, live TV, Mini EPG, Restart, parental controls, right to left UX
  • Login, user profiles, search and other functions that need fast inputs
  • And the further evolution of Smart TV experiences

Delivering best-in-class Smart TV experiences is free to watch now here