At this week’s OTT Question Time (Thursday 30th Sept, 4pm UK) we talked about the supercharged growth of the children’s OTT market over the past few years. Absolutely, some of that expansion can be accounted for by more kids having been at home, for longer, during the pandemic but what’s just as interesting is the change in their viewing behaviours (by type of service and device preferences), the buying decisions of parents, and the knock-on effects to streamers, broadcasters and new OTT service-providers.

Together with Emily Horgan, formerly of Disney and now a specialist consultant, Paul Nunn, Chief Strategy Officer at SuperAwesome, Johannes Gropp, founder of StoryZoo and Jay Mills, Research Director at KidsKnowBest, we explored:

  • The shift from linear TV to VOD viewing amongst 3-15 year olds
  • Comparing the popularity of TV sets, smartphones and tablets as preferred viewing devices
  • The growth in SVOD viewing and whether there’s a nominal cap on the number of family entertainment subscriptions
  • How streamers are spending more on kid’s content
  • And children’s TV in the overall context of the Streaming Wars


About the author : Kauser Kanji

I've been working in online video since 2005 and have held senior roles at NBC Universal, ITN and Virgin Media. I've also completed VOD projects for the BBC, Netflix, Sony Pictures and a host of broadcasters and service-providers all over the world. Catch me on our weekly debate show, OTT Question Time, or drop me a line on LinkedIn.

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