FeaturesOTT Question TimePostsOTT Question Time #15 – Building an OTT Service from Scratch (Part 2)

Kauser KanjiSeptember 2, 2020

At this week’s OTT Question Time (Thursday 3rd September, 4pm UK) we talked Part 2 of how to build an OTT service from scratch. In the previous session we focused on first principles, backend strategy, building for where the audience is and using data to help make decisions and form KPIs. This time we switched to the front end where we discussed:

  • UI / UX across different OTT platforms
  • Content distribution to end-user devices; associated technologies and costs
  • The devices that viewers use to watch OTT
  • Metadata, personalisation and content recommendation 
  • And content catalogues and rights management

Joining the panel for OTTQT #15 were Tom Williams, CEO at Ostmodern, Arianna Aondio, Technology Evangelist at Varnish Software and Jeroen Wijering, co-founder and CPO at JW Player.