OTT Question TimePostsOTT Question Time #29 – Talking about Netflix

Kauser KanjiFebruary 23, 2021

At this week’s OTT Question Time – and after only 28 episodes! – wee finally hosted a session dedicated to talking about Netflix. Is there anything left to say about the streaming giant? Sure there is. We started with a quick history of Netflix’s origins as a DVD-based company, its pivot to online video, how it created its iconic UI and content recommendation system and its customer acquisition strategy, domestically and internationally. Together with our panellists, Gulliver Smithers, CTO of RampRate IT, Tom Williams, CEO of Ostmodern and Clare Kandola of Vidya Collective, we then:

  • Did a Netflix SWOT analysis
  • Explored its business model and growth prospects
  • Discussed its product and innovations
  • Considered its competitors in Disney, Amazon, Apple and Google
  • And looked at the future of both the VOD world and Netflix’s place in it.