NewsGrabyo teams up with Tennis Australia to expand global content offering ahead of Australian Open

Grabyo will enable the creation of engaging video experiences for tennis fans worldwide
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Ahead of Australian Open 2019, Graybo has joined forces with Tennis Australia to enhance its international video content strategy and expand Tennis Australia’s reach across the globe.

Grabyo’s cloud-based video platform will enable Tennis Australia’s digital and social teams to create, edit and distribute real-time video clips and live streams to multiple social and digital platforms throughout its major domestic and international events in 2019.

Grabyo will ensure Tennis Australia’s social channels remain the go-to place for live content and highlights in a crowded media market.

The Australian Open is a major highlight in the global tennis calendar, drawing huge global interest; the 2018 Open reached over 900 million homes in more than 220 territories. Using Grabyo, Tennis Australia will streamline its digital workflows and scale its presence in key markets around the world, leveraging the increasing demand for live streaming and VOD on multiple platforms and devices.

Xavier Muhlebach, Supervising Producer at Tennis Australia, comments: “In 2019 we want to connect to fans all over the world faster and in a more personal way than ever before. Our global audience is incredibly engaged and hungry for great content, so by working with Grabyo we have created a content strategy that uniquely targets every possible market. Using this platform has given us the freedom to be creative and make great content without the concerns of distribution slowing us down.

Tennis Australia will capture every key moment by creating and sharing clips using Grabyo Studio. The platform reduces the time and resources needed to produce real-time highlights including options for while allowing custom graphics and branding – an important attribute for audiences on mobile, social and OTT.

Grabyo’s Producer platform will also enable Tennis Australia to create unique broadcasts for digital fans and live stream one-hour daily shows and other content directly to social media. Live content creates a community-based viewing experience, with commenting and discussion on live video and digital-first productions driving increased engagement and more memorable moments for a growing international fanbase.

Elliot Renton, Senior Director & Head of Asia-Pacific at Grabyo, said: “Grabyo is delighted to work with Tennis Australia. The team has bold and exciting ambitions to drive digital experiences as part of its international growth strategy and we are well positioned to help them deliver these. We have seen really strong engagement from tennis fans across the Grabyo platform and look forward to ensuring Tennis Australia connects with its global fan base more broadly than ever before.

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