BroadcastersVideoVUIX 2016 ConferenceVUIX 2016 – Ryan Wilkerson – The Agony and the Ecstasy of Virtual Reality: HBO Explores the UX of VR

Kauser KanjiOctober 28, 2016

In Ryan Wilkerson’s own words:
Virtual Reality (and its AR/MR cousins) are poised to not only revolutionize content platforms but also expand the opportunities for storytellers in ways that we can hardly yet fathom. The popular adoption of this nascent medium poses an exciting set of challenges to the UX designer not least of which is how we develop compelling, natural experiences and interfaces that make use of dimensional space while acknowledging foundational UX principles. Along the way, we develop new processes, languages, and principles to expand this platform. The HBO Experience Design team has spent the better part of two years exploring the ups and downs, backs and forths of this world, fighting back the occasional motion sickness in an effort to thoughtfully embrace VR. This presentation offers a peek inside these explorations, with a focus on the toolsets and philosophies that guide the UX Design and development of HBO GO and HBO NOW on both traditional and virtual platforms.