Webinar – The Streaming 100 Report

To misquote Shakespeare, all the world’s a stream especially when it comes to our evolving media consumption habits.  OTT video, music, gaming, social, sports, editorial as well as arts and culture streaming services, all vie for our attention. But which ones are the most popular, have the best [...]

The Streaming 100 Report

Digital product experts Candyspace today launch The Streaming 100 — a report detailing the top 100 streaming platforms across multiple verticals in the UK - in partnership with VOD Professional. The paper evaluates over 200 digital products that each have a significant streaming element to their product from [...]

In OTT Discovery is now King

With subscriber growth stalling, streaming businesses need to invest more in the experience of discovering content, writes Candyspace’s Creative Partner, Martin Brierley   “Dark clouds are gathering for the streaming industry” warned Fortune magazine back in April. And with news in October that 1m British households have opted [...]

Introducing OTT Question Time Live 2023!

Over the past two and a half years – and thanks to your support – we’ve been running our OTT Question Time sessions online. Now, with in-person events possible again, we’re hosting an IRL version – OTT Question Time Live 2023!  Join us at London’s iconic British Museum [...]

OTT Question Time #67 – The Most Popular OTT Devices

Take a look back at the history of the most popular devices for watching online video and a fascinating picture emerges. In 2011, for example, 67% of the BBC iPlayer’s 1.9 billion TV requests were made from computers (PCs, laptops and Macs). That’s no huge surprise – smartphones [...]

Catch me if you can: How to ensure your VOD team moves with your subscribers

Candyspace Partner, Martin Brierley, explains how media companies can fast track their product development roadmap in the middle of a global talent crisis   During the COVID pandemic, Video-on-Demand (VOD) platforms benefited from substantial growth. For instance, Netflix saw an uplift of 28 million new subscribers in the [...]

OTT Question Time #66 – Analysing OTT ARPU

In our recent OTT Question Time about Disney vs. Netflix, Alan Wolk of TVREV told us that although technically Disney had more subscribers than Netflix (222.1m vs. 220.7m) that might not be the best metric for comparing the two companies. Why? Because over a quarter of Disney’s customers [...]

OTT Question Time #65 – Innovations in OTT Pay Models

At this week’s OTT Question Time (Thursday 29th September 2022) we talked about established OTT pay models - PVOD, TVOD, SVOD, SVOD-lite, AVOD, BVOD and FAST - and explored the spaces in between. Could we see new tiers, for example, just for habitual binge-watchers? Or for digital-premieres? Could [...]

OTT Question Time #64 – IBC 2022 Review

After an absence of three years, IBC – the International Broadcasting Convention – was back last week. This was a chance for the industry to come together, share knowledge, exhibit technologies and solutions, and meet people for the first time who they might previously only have seen on [...]

OTT Question Time #63 – Disney Overtakes Netflix?

Breathy headlines last week as Disney – now with 221m streaming subscribers – was reported to have edged past Netflix as the world's biggest SVOD. And they did it in less than three years! And Disney is still growing fast! Netflix dethroned!  But is that an accurate representation [...]

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