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30-Second Video Ads Became the Norm in 2012

That's according to the international ad management platform supplier, Freewheel. 15-second ads are now on the slide.

In its latest 'Video Monetization Report', Freewheel says that it served 13.5 billion video ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll) in Q4 2012 and made ad decisions for almost 15 billion video views. Using this data it found that:

  • The amount of professional, rights-managed video content being consumed online continues to rise, with total video views up 23% year over year
  • Video ad volume spiked 47% year over year, fueled by holiday spending and increased ad loads; long-form content (20+ minutes) has an average of 9.4 video ads per video view - up from 6.9 in the same quarter last year; pre-roll volume rose 45% and mid-roll volume rose 60%
  • Despite higher ad loads, video ad completion rates are at an all-time high across content lengths: 93% for long-form content (20+ minutes), 81% for mid-form content (5- 20 minutes), and 68% for short-form content (<5 minutes)
  • Use of the 15-second video ad has decreased steadily over the past four quarters while the 30-second ad gained share - 34% of video ads are :15 while 42% are :30 - the inverse was true in Q4 2011
  • Video viewing on non-PC/Mac devices (smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc.) continues to rise; now comprises 12% of total video viewing, up from 2% in Q4 2011
  • Apple devices continue to dominate share of video viewing with 60% of share; Android comprises 31% 

You can download the full report at the Freewheel website.