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The People & Machines That Bring VOD to Our Screens - Edgeware Solutions

Edgeware is the technology leader in distributed video delivery, enabling operators and carriers to cost-effectively grow their TV and video services and scale them across their network to an increasing number of users on any device.

Edgeware's purpose built hardware platforms, combined with integrated software systems, provide distributed asset propagation, video delivery and trick play, enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE) and sophisticated infrastructure management tools.

Edgeware offers two product lines that meet the most stringent requirements for distributed implementation in a carrier or operator network, allowing operators to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX by distributing the devices as close to the subscriber as possible.

Primarily aimed at cable and telco operators, Orbit-2X/2G video servers feature built-in capability for advanced on-demand TV services such as Video-on-Demand, Time-shifted Live TV, network PVR type services as well as support for advanced linear TV functions including retransmission capabilities and Fast Channel Change feature to ensure high Quality of Experience.


WTV-2X/2G servers enable network and content providers to offer multi-screen over-the-top services, and network providers to offer video-based CDN capabilities to content providers within their own network. Capable of being deployed deep in the network, the server allows popular content to be placed closer to the subscriber for faster deployment and enhanced QoE. The WTV-2X server supports multiple adaptive streaming protocols as well as high levels of bandwidth and highly deterministic performance, allowing reliable support for a broad range and very high number of video capable devices.

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