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Bismarck Lepe, Co-Founder of Ooyala, Talks About the New 4oD iPad App

Channel 4 used our Ooyala Everywhere solution for the 4oD iPad app. Ooyala Everywhere is a suite of technologies and services which allow customers to stream content to a wide range of devices - mobile, connected TV, tablets - with HD quality that's optimised for each output. It also has a built-in payment engine, which can be used for pay-per-view and subscription business models.

The way Channel 4 leveraged this product was to work with Nice Agency for the front-end experience while we managed all of the back-end workflow of ingesting, transcoding, DRM and delivering the content out to devices. Ooyala Analytics was then embedded in their player in order to provide detailed feedback on viewership.

One of the benefits of Ooyala Everywhere is that it cuts down on the time to market for these apps.  The 4oD app took only 2 man months for the development and build phase. Our Client Services Group worked closely with Channel 4 and Nice Agency to develop the necessary best practices that would increase the pace of development.


This was the first time we've done a project with Channel 4 but in the UK we also work with the Telegraph Media Group, News International, Arsenal Football Club and we'll be announcing many more in the near future. 

The UK is a really important market for us and of the many apps we've created we're very proud of the way the 4oD app turned out.