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VUIX 2015 Review

This was our second conference on online video product development, user interfaces and user experience. Here's what we learned.

VUIX 2015

Come join us in London on 22 October for a conference dedicated to product development, user interfaces and user experience!

IBC Review 2015

The online video industry feels confident and the technologies, products and overall mood on show at IBC this year reflected that.

Charging for BBC iPlayer

What could an SVOD version of iPlayer look like? Who would its audience be? And what kind of revenues and uptake could it hope to achieve?

Alibaba: The New Netflix?

The e-commerce company is China’s Amazon, Uber and eBay – and now has its eyes set on online video. Will it be successful?

50 VOD Professionals 2015

Who do you think are the most influential people working in the UK new television industry today? We want your thoughts!

TV Connect Review 2015

New venue, new time of year but is TV Connect still worth going to? We heard mainly positive reviews.

What Does Vessel Mean for YouTube?

The start-up streaming service from the former Hulu CEO has just completed another funding round but does it pose a threat to YouTube?