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The current economics of online video publishing are too complex and inflexible for many media companies to thrive, as more and more of the revenue and profit potential is concentrated in a small number of dominant organisations.

Allen Dickson discusses how media businesses need to improve the user experience, reduce operational costs and increase revenue potential to enable them to flourish in the future.

18 days, 38 different sports and 1816 events – The UX team at Viaplay had a daunting task in building a consistent, simple and elegant user experience for the Olympics in Rio. Creative Director Christoffer Kittel will talk about Viaplay’s design process and how to account for a branded cross-platform experience in the complex world of live sports.

What’s going to be on your development roadmap in the next 12-18 months? Will you concentrate on populating your service to even more platforms? Or perhaps you’ll be upgrading the products that you already have out there? And what about VR, AI, personalisation, content recommendation and monetisation? Join our modern-day Melisandre’s and Saruman’s from ITV, STV, EE, Freesat and Arsenal FC who’ll be making their predictions for the shape of VOD to come!

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Come on this designer’s journey of discovery of A/B testing, a greatly misunderstood and often maligned tool. This is not simply about testing button colors and page layouts, but applying it at a strategic level to inform design from concept to shipped product and see how this is applied in the Netflix user experience. Gain practical insights on how to harness the scientific method in the pursuit of great design.

The future of TV is apps. But while kids are huge users of both apps and TV, VOD on TV hasn’t always been an easy experience for younger kids. Although a lot of players in the on-demand space now offer kids service, many designs were simply retrofitted to experiences built for grown ups. The team at kids-specialist platform Hopster took a different approach, rethinking every aspect of on demand for kids from a child’s perspective.

In our anytime, anywhere TV environment the audience is everywhere and hugely diversified. Understanding which shows are being watched on which screen and by whom is, of course, essential for publishers as this is what drives the value of ad space. Some of the leading players, however, have started taking their advertising UX strategy a step further by offering differentiated experiences (and even content) to viewers. The idea is that some audiences have different sensitivity

The past several years have seen phenomenal growth of HBO’s digital streaming platforms, across both TV Everywhere and Over-the-Top offerings (HBO GO and HBO NOW). Meeting the rapidly changing needs of our audiences and partners has required an evolution across several fronts, including toolsets, processes, communications, and design principles – all within a quickly maturing Digital Products division. As we grow as a team, and advance the features and UX of our HBO platforms, we

Over the past 18 months, Norway’s public service broadcaster, NRK, has been analysing the TV viewing behaviour of its 350,000+ unique daily users across various platforms and devices. In this speech, Bjarne Myklebust, the company’s Head of Distribution (and a two-time #1 in 50 VOD Professionals Nordic!) presents data from those studies, tells us that linear and OTT viewing have almost reached parity across some user segments and explains how, in turn, NRK has adjusted

Online video is now well into its second decade of life and broadcasters, operators and service-providers have gone from being proud new parents, giving their products all the TLC in the world, to uncertain guardians of fragmented, diversified teenage rebels who are keen to take on as many multiplatform experiences as possible! Ok, that might be stretching the metaphor a little, but in this session, Adam Nightingale of Accedo examines the benefits of a data-driven

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