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Device synchronisation, offline viewing… and a sleep timer? Here are some of the most commonly asked for features as requested by viewers.

Back in October I completed some research for our annual VUIX conference – an event which is dedicated to online video product development and UI/UX – which attempted to answer a simple question. Does the user experience match user expectation in VOD services?

You can read about the approach I took to answer


An analysis of 4,000 reviews of on-demand services identifies performance, functionality and content as the three largest pain points in VOD.

Last week we held our VUIX 2015 conference – an event dedicated to online video product development, user interfaces and user experience. Co-hosted by Brightcove, leading broadcasters, service providers, operators and technology suppliers from around the world all met at Kensington Roof Gardens in London (joined by a flamingo or two!) to share knowledge


Looking at how content delivery networks work, vendor solutions and rules for choosing an appropriate supplier.

Alongside premium content, offering a clean video stream is one of the most important aspects to finding success in OTT – indeed, a fascinating white paper released by QoE (Quality of Experience) and analytics specialist Conviva last year found that 75% of viewers will abandon a poor video experiences within four minutes and that the blame often lands on


Looking at how analytics work, vendor solutions and rules for choosing an appropriate supplier.

The VOD industry has undergone a number of transformational phases since 4oD, the UK’s first broadcaster on-demand service, launched all the way back in 2006. After their initial rush to get an MVP onto as many platforms as quickly as possible, service providers have variously turned their attention to UI and UX upgrades, improving (or replacing) outdated legacy systems, scaling up


What could an SVOD version of iPlayer look like? Who would its audience be? And what kind of revenues and uptake could it hope to achieve?

You may have seen the news a couple of weeks ago that the BBC’s budget was effectively being cut by around £650m after the British government announced that the corporation now had to cover the cost of providing free television licences for over-75s. In return, it may be


If you’re thinking about building a VOD service and you don’t have to deal with legacy, this is how you do it.

Imagine you were building a VOD service from scratch, unconstrained by legacy infrastructure. Which core components, tasks and functions might you need to consider? This isn’t just an academic exercise – it reflects conversations I’ve had with broadcasters dreaming about starting from a clean slate, brands who think they should be doing more

Looking at how live streaming in OTT works, vendor solutions and how you might go about choosing a supplier.

Paul Kanareck, Director of Online and Brands at ITV, told us at our VUIX conference last October that over 30% of viewing on ITV Hub, the channel’s OTT service, is live streaming, a figure that rose to 50% around important sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup. Broadcasters shouldn’t try to mimic services like

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