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At this week’s OTT Question Time we’re talking about building a profitable AVOD business and looking into:

  • The AVOD market opportunity in the UK, Europe and the USA: how it has evolved over the past few years, whether AVOD’s time has now come in the light of both rising OTT viewing and the greater number of SVODs and what the future might hold for AVOD
  • The AVOD platforms that content can be shared with including


At this week’s OTT Question Time we’re talking about finance in the technology, media and telecoms sector and will be asking – as well as answering – questions including:

  • Mergers and Acquisition deal flow been accelerating the technology, media & telecoms space. Will that continue as we try to exit the mother of all economic downturns?
  • Who will emerge as the winners and who will end up losing? 
  • Will global scale still be a key


At this week’s OTT Question Time we’re talking about the future of SVOD where we’ll be looking into:

  • SVOD take-up and viewing, in different territories and across demographics, compared to linear, time-shifted, AVOD, TVOD and PVOD
  • How these trends have changed over the past 5 years and since this year’s coronavirus pandemic
  • The average number of SVODs in households across the UK, Europe and North America
  • Consumer behaviour including dipping in and out of specific


At this week’s OTT Question Time we’re talking about content – about the making, selling and scheduling of it. Together with Wim Ponnet, the Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer at Endemol Shine, Emma Tibbetts, the former GM of UKTV Play and now founder of Chuck Data and Mike Sid, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Mediamorph (now part of Whip Media Group) we’ll explore:

  • The challenges of producing content, in


At this week’s OTT Question Time we’re looking into a paradox. Whilst TV and OTT viewing is soaring, broadcaster advertising revenues have plummeted. Is this simply a result of the pandemic – and the associated hits to our national economies – or is there a more nuanced picture? Are there regional differences between the UK, Europe and the US? Which industry sectors are still advertising? And what are the prospects for an advertising bounce-back later


Earlier this month I suggested that the Streaming Wars should more accurately be described as the Streaming Skirmishes because although this wasn’t a winner-takes-all scenario, and that multiple SVOD services could happily coexist, even if (hypothetically) one champion emerged they’d still then need to tackle the wider threats for attention and eyeballs from editorial, gaming, social, real-life experiences and eventually, AR / VR. 

It’s still fun to play the game, however, and try to address


“Glass to glass” is an elegant phrase which describes the process by which a piece of content goes from the first screen (the camera lens) to the last (the screen on which a viewer watches a piece a clip, TV show or movie). This description, however, masks a world of complexity in the number of steps it takes for content to move from creation to consumption.

By my calculation, there are around thirty links in



My uncle’s house in Peterborough. 4 adults, 7 children, 1 baby. A weekend of watching Indian movies on VCR late into the night. The video recorder was hired. The remote control was wired, connected by a two metre cord to the machine. Delicious midnight feasts: samosas, bhajis, chutneys, curry, real Coca Cola (not diet). Pretending to be asleep on the sofa afterwards just so I could stay downstairs for longer.


My first real


It’s tempting to think of The Streaming Wars as a zero sum game in which, based on market caps, we can imagine a scenario where, for example, Disney buys Netflix, Comcast merges with NBCU and Amazon and Apple then vanquish or acquire those houses, claim allegiances, and duke it out for the Iron Throne (trademarked by WarnerMedia). Huzzah!

The true picture is, of course, much more nuanced. On a micro level, rights issues, pay models

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