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Over the past 18 months, Norway’s public service broadcaster, NRK, has been analysing the TV viewing behaviour of its 350,000+ unique daily users across various platforms and devices. In this speech, Bjarne Myklebust, the company’s Head of Distribution (and a two-time #1 in 50 VOD Professionals Nordic!) presents data from those studies, tells us that linear and OTT viewing have almost reached parity across some user segments and explains how, in turn, NRK has adjusted...

In Ryan Wilkerson’s own words: Virtual Reality (and its AR/MR cousins) are poised to not only revolutionize content platforms but also expand the opportunities for storytellers in ways that we can hardly yet fathom. The popular adoption of this nascent medium poses an exciting set of challenges to the UX designer not least of which is how we develop compelling, natural experiences and interfaces that make use of dimensional space while acknowledging foundational UX principles....

Oliver Davies, UKTV’s Head of Digital Products, takes a look at the evolution of the broadcaster’s video-on-demand services. From Dave OD in 2011 to today’s award-nominated UKTV Play, it has taken a reinvention of the team along the way to achieve the product’s current strong position. Davies and his colleagues have encountered branding head-scratchers, navigation challenges and some grand adventures in DRM in their unswerving quest for the perfect user experience!

James Jackson explains how the UK’s biggest TV service is opening catch-up and on-demand to new audiences, helping tackle digital divides and setting new standards for connected TV. Freeview Play delivers free access to VOD services from the UK’s leading broadcasters through a growing range of TVs and set-top-boxes. Building on international standards, Freeview Play adds enhanced metadata functionality to enable the easy discovery of content and applications. As the first service worldwide to adopt...

One year on from the launch of ITV Hub, Paul Kanareck, ITV’s Group Director of Online, evaluates some of the key creative and commercial choices faced by broadcasters and OTT service-providers when it comes to product development: how much experimentation is possible when testing new products and price models? Do different content types play better on different devices? And what VOD-related decisions will ITV itself be making over the next few years?

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