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VOD Professional contains news, reviews, interviews and analyses about the online television industry. We do four main things here at VOD Pro: 

  • We write about the future of TV including feature articles, whitepapers and proprietary reports
  • We’re UI / UX nerds so we built (and still maintain a resource called the VUIX Library which tracks over 500 VOD products, across platforms, from all over the world. The Library contains video walk-throughs, over 25,000 screenshots and 3 million end-user reviews from the iTunes and Google Play app stores
  • We run an associated annual VUIX conference which focuses on online video product strategy and development
  • And we provide consultancy services to clients like Netflix, the BBC, HBO, Sony Pictures Entertainment and TiVo.


Whether you want to share a news story, brief us on a project, speak at our next VUIX event or just feel like having a geek out about online video, get in touch!


Our staff are veterans in the online television industry and have years of board-level experience working with broadcasters, operators, service-providers and technology vendors across all areas of the glass-to-glass process. We bring with us:

  • Hands-on experience of running VOD services. We’ve led video projects, managed the P&L, been responsible for product planning and development, written functional and technical specifications and looked after technology roadmaps inside the VOD departments of broadcasters and service-providers;
  • Extensive knowledge of the supply chain and the leading vendor solutions in, for example, asset management, content delivery, content recommendation, encoding and transcoding, live-to-VOD, metadata, payment and CRM, scheduling, security, systems integration and workflow;
  • A comprehensive understanding of the pay and business models deployed by service-providers as well as unique insights into evolving market trends and consumer viewing behaviours;
  • A wide-ranging contacts book which we’ve developed through many years of relationship-building, writing articles, attending events and running our own annual VUIX conference.

Reporting from the Future of Television

VOD Professional contains news, reviews, interviews and analyses from the future of TV. Online video is at a pivotal moment in its evolution and our focus is on writing about monetisation, product development and the people – from service-providers and vendors alike – who help bring brilliant content and services to our screens.

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Consulting & VUIX Library

We have 15 years of experience in working on strategic consulting projects for Netflix, Sony Pictures, Virgin Media and a host of commercial and public service broadcasters in Europe, North America, APAC and MENA. Drop us a line if you need some help or just want to have a geek-out about the industry! And if you’re a product developer, check out our VUIX Library resource which tracks over 500 VOD products, across platforms, from all over the world.

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